Sep 8, 2010

Where the creative things are...

As promised earlier, I'm posting a process of aging paper, as I did for my labels, and today for labels my mother's pieces at My Lovely Beads. It is so easy and fun, and that's why extremely enjoyable to make, I'm surprised we don't have ONLY home-made labels! :) No need to keep it a secret, right? Can't say it's my idea - I looked at several how-to's on the web, but this is my way of sharing. Universal knowledge, you see ;)
You will need leftover grind coffee from that morning adrenaline kick you had to receive, white paper (thicker paper will produce more durable labels, I sense), water (heat it up for speedy process), your own and any other helping hands you can acquire, some flat surface to lay your papers onto, and inspirational mood! First, fold and then tear (cutting will make edges that are too even) sheets of paper into smaller ones, the size of your choice. Soak paper pieces (it is better to make holes with the hole puncher prior to dipping paper into water, so the inside rim of the hole is also colored) in coffee+hot water for about half an hour; lay pieces - each separately - on a surface (I used a large cutting board), set it aside until dry. Aaaand... voila! Beautifully crumpled and beige! :)

P.S. I've been told, that one cool lad had taken apart all J.R.R.Tolkien books, aged ALL the pages in a similar manner, and then put them back together. Now, that's creative!