May 24, 2011

NYC Dance Parade 2011!!!

Last weekend New York has seen an amazing event, - beautiful, colorful, laughable, danceable! 
We were and are the Trance Family, yes, the lovers of life and Psytrance music ;)))
Sooo many people, so many smiles and laughter and sun and kids and soap bubbles and hula-hoops and miniskirts and eyelashes!!!!! 
Happy-happy times, incredible energy of dancing in sync in trance we dance... 
I think New York enjoyed it greatly! 
Down the streets of Broadway and then to Tompkins Square Park we danced out way.. 
Boom-Boom! Love Train is coming through!!!
Pictures are taken by fabulous Keren Fedida ;) And some are... by Ben Mehlman, thanks to whom  we had the music system, and some pic's are by his beautiful partner Trish Franklin!
I absolutely love the ethereal light in this shot - sooo incredibly magical... ;)
Dan Covan was happy to organize the Trance Family group for the Dance Parade, with the help of the rest of us!!!! Thank you!!!! ♡♡♡
I think Dan was dancing with his soul from behind the wheel, driving ;)
Hi!!!! Welcome to the Dance!!! 

 Down Broadway - lotsa fun! 
 Empire State building is gawking... at the parade haha ;)
 Beauuuuutiful dancers! Thank you for this dance!
 Beautiful Creature with the Parrot ;)
We are family!
Psytrance Family!

 Loving this contrast of neons and city stone!
Gabriel and Luna, you were awesome!
Crossing streets... stomping our way ;)
dancing everywhere!
 Down St. Marks
170 beats per minute, please! And some sage smudging ;)
 The rear view of the Turtle Van with the dancers reflections.. and the city! ;)
Karen's self portrait, love it!
 Lawns are full of love! Tompkins Square Park in East Village... the parade after hours ;) 

 Rooftop party, thank you Gabriel and Masae ♡
 View of a small city garden 
Keren Fedida, who made most of these pictures ;)