Apr 20, 2011

Tribal Market III - Pictures

Here are few pictures from the Pulp event, where we held the Tribal Market III - a sagnificent event for me in all the ways, considering that all of the elvish sweater hoodies were sold out AND were worn immediately by beautiful fairies dancing their way through the night... soooo lovely! ;) Thank you! And if anyone of you, dear buyers of my sweaters, have pictures of beautiful you in my creations, please, do send them to me, I'll be happy to post them here, on Eathia blog to everyone's enjoyment! ;) 
Next Tribal Market is happening in Brooklyn, in about a week from now - on April 30 ;) 
More details coming soon! 
Sitting behind my table, surrounded by lights and my creations, and Dan ♡;))))

Setting up under the great art tapestry, lovely!

Knitting more, can't sit still! 

Rack is not as full as in the beginning! Recycled and upcycled sweater hoodies by Earthia, yours truly ;) 

...hand made with love, always!

Beautiful fairy hooper Serena! She had a connection with a turquoise sweater ;)

Serena is rocking the hoodie, totally! I'm wearing mine hehehe ;)
happy times!