Mar 25, 2011

Thrill upon thrill upon thrill!!!

Am I lucky or what? Just won something on eBay, that I've been wanting/needing badly for a while - a serger machine!!! 
Hello, beautiful!
After months of reviewing and contemplating, I decided to get a Brother 1034D model. 
Have you had experience with this machine? If so, please, spill the beans! I'd love to hear how you love it - it will make my wait for it to come even more exciting ;))) 
Even though, my zig-zagging skills are now nearly perfect, my Singer sewing machine simply doesn't have the functions of a serger... 
Thrilled to start learning to thread this little beast! 
And these are the results one can get with this particular serger:
I'll try to take pictures of the new hoodies I'm sewing for Tribal Market tomorrow.