Aug 28, 2010

Scarf Face... the same as the back! My favorite garter stitch makes up a wonderful pattern out of one of my favorite yarns, that I'm using for knitting the longest scarf evah! Lyon Brand Landscapes yarn in "Autumn Trails" has wonderful texture of colors, so perfect for any season, if you ask me ;) 

I couldn't really knit with regular size needles, they were too long and I was moving too slow, so I used some laying around rubber bands, the ones that hold together bunched-up broccoli and salad greens at a grocery store. Maybe it will be helpful for you too, when in need of short needles with single ends: use 2 sock needles, wrapping rubber bands around one of each needle's end, voila! you have a set of short single-ended knitting needles!

Have a wonderful weekend! ;)