Dec 26, 2011

Hello, The Flip Side of the Universe!!! ;)))

I am back from traveling across America and few months on the West Coast, in California!!! New York feels the same, and it feels different... it doesn't feel like home anymore, and i know why ;) because it never truly was a home... but a place!!!! haha ;) home is inside, always, i feel it strongly now, wherever i go or want to go, i already feel at home! What a wonderful, one of many, discoveries! hehe ;)

I missed blogging, but because i was living very simple, staying away from electronic devices as much as i could, I had amazing opportunities to see myself better, reflecting from marvelous creatures that I had met over these many months on the road! Blessed to have had encountered every manifestation of freedom, so inspiring! Humans are absolutely funniest, beautifulest, craziest species yet! haha.... fascination with California is really life-changing... ;P ;)

I can jump on the posting train right away, actually. I will share anything and everything i enjoy doing, making, thinking, living.

Thank you for liking my blog and what i do ;)