Sep 5, 2014

Let me show you newer beadwork

I really want to write more in my blog, but I am out of habit of doing it!! I miss the times when first thing in the morning I was thinking what I am going to write in the blog today :))) 
Today, I want to show you the necklace I made :) 

I am very happy with it, it came out just a I wanted!  The stone is jasper in beautiful beige and nude pink tones, incased in beadwork using glass seed beads. I also thought the base for the pendant should be also beaded, although, it could be a cord, a braided yarn rope, a chain, or a thread of beads and gemstones. I decided to use the beige colored seed beads and genuine pearls to bead a special chain! So, here is the result! 
You can buy jewelry I make in my shop Moon Sister Beads on Etsy:
Have a lovely day!