Jan 11, 2014

Rainy Saturday Comeback

Hello, loves!
It has been so many days since I posted anything here.. A year or more!
Good thing, that blogger allows to take time off ;) I have been tempted to write here a few times over the past year, but something kept me off. Partially, I wasn't sure what kind of content to share ;)
I will just write this as a diary, as it never has been really a fashion blog, or style blog..

Felted Home shoes, Love the roses ;) from Russia with love 
One bead at a time ;) 
I have picked up beading, I've made quite a few beaded necklaces and other adornments over last summer, I will show it all here.

It is January, almost half-way through the winter, but it's very warm and rainy outside ;) Nice!

I secretly wonder, if anyone is reading this blog, but I will continue to write anyway, even if no one does ;) It feels good to share something this way.