Jan 30, 2014

Hi all!
To be honest, I really hope, that the cold is over, or nearly over. I love Spring and cannot wait for it to arrive ;)
I have still a lot of knit goodies for sale, including the cat hats in several colors, Facebook page is the place to contact me best, if you are interested. I have them in black, cream, linen and brown! Basic colors,  beautiful soft wool/acrylic blend.

I am making this gorgeous bracelet in free-form technique, it is going to be called Fairy Garden.
I also made this basket of leftover yarn, for my mom, to hold toiletries and beauty things :) I added the white ruffles on top and bottom for more gentle touch. All made with various wool..
Oooooh it is freezing! This is natural ice-cast beauty! From a week ago, it isn't as cold anymore :)