Oct 20, 2010

Style notes

Change of a season, Summer to Autumn, closet cleaning... what do I wear?! ;) It is never a question, but I want to sing a song to my favorite style, or, rather, a mix of commonly-known styles, that I don't think is necessary to call anything. It is manifestation of free. They call it boho, hippie, ethnic, eclectic, gypsy, bum... It looks and feels comfortable and cozy, it looks messy, but at the same time it is thoroughly, yet effortlessly, thought through by a free, self-realized and confident mind, it is making yourself feeling incredibly insync with nature and our roots somehow, with the sence of appreciation for anything ethnic; and, of course, letting out your inner artist. 
It may look messy and crazy to a typical business suit-clad, button-down shirted, pencil-skirted, high-heeled, logo-patterned, cookie-cutter combed and styled dude or dudette, yet, you would see a sparkle of "i wish i could make this work for me and my lifestyle" in their eyes, when you meet their curious look on a street. It is not the polished "hippie" look you find among the other four in a section of "5 key styles of the season" Vogue. It happens naturally, because it is flowing freedom, because it is self acceptance and love. Of course, it can become a total disaster, but with clear calm mind, no mistakes can be made, because they simply don't exist, when self-expressing! Wool, purposely wrinkled linen, hemp, cotton in earthy shades or printed in gentle flora patterns, often vintage, often upcycled, handmade lovingly, sometimes even shiffon, silk and lace! Mix the unmatchable! Wear the impossible! You know it, you feel it...Be free!!! ;)