Oct 13, 2010

Tribal Market (continued)

More yumminess from last weekend's Tribal Market event.
 many more after the jump!

Cirque du Renee's goods for sale - tribal wear.. I'm in love with her cotton printed dresses and tank tops! 

Xango Shola's creations

Beautiful Merrill Kassan behind her display

Yulia catching sun rays! 

My knit goodness again

DJ is ready to play his tunes

Merrill and I traded our art pieces - here she's wearing the wool head band, wow, colors look gorgeous on her! Happy wear, girl! ;)

One of LunaRa's clients just received new feathers in her hair

More guests coming in

The bow! The side part!

Friends on the staircase leading to the yard.. yep, that's me in the front. By the way, I'm already wearing the traded arm band from Merrill!

Complimentary organic wine for the guests - delicioso! 

My friend Sasha and his baby dauther

Waylen is a pretty famous designer among burners (for those, who don't know, burners are the people, who go to Burning Man festival regularly).. I've seen him working in his large studio... it looked somewhat like a bird creating a nest... but with more passion! hmmm that's the closest comparison that just came to my mind! :))) He brought stunning leather utility belts to the market, too bad there's no pictures of his goods.

Picture of a picture taker!

Renee and Heather, sunny Saturday! 

Now DJ is playing full power ;) Ethnic beats mixed with Dub Step, coolest set ever, it was really special

On the left - Katya - she does tea ceremonies. For green tea lovers it is a unique experience.

Katya's set up table.. look at the tiny pottery!

me all involved into jingling the bells to the music ;)