Jan 30, 2011

Black and White are colors too! ;)

Yes, I love color, or better yet, a crazy cluster of it... but more than color I love off-white and black, especially when they are put together either by nature or you ;)

Here's a new scarf that I started to make yesterday while watching Dr. Who - I lasted 5 episodes!!! ;))))
Process goes rather slow - I've never made anything stripy before... every time you change the stripe color you have to cut off the previous yarn and begin knitting with the new color yarn - it's a tad time consuming... it's very time consuming ;))) But I'm loving the result - it's a perfect blend of:
- memories of black agains Playa's dust
- acrobats
- black & white cinema
- black and white cookie
... insert your association ... 

This is how it started:


Stay tuned? ;)
Have a lovely Sunday!