Jan 29, 2011


Sheesh, time flew by! I think I spent good 6 - 7 hours working on this place, also known as Earthia blog, making it more appealing to you and me.. And it looks like I succeeded :) Look to your right - everything is neat and convenient, isn't it? I changed the font - now it's more me, I think.. and the colors, added neat gadgets.
Grab a cup of your favorite drink and tune in to Earthia music, leaf through the blogs I find inspirational and useful, take a peak at my posts... make yourself comfortable, and when you're done, don't forget to come back! :)

hmmmm... now I wonder how to neatly incorporate some sort of frames around the pictures... or.. do I need them?? I'm trying to make reasonable decisions when it comes to your browser speed, - I want my page to load quick! ;))) 
Bright dreams and good night!