Jan 28, 2011

Solution... ;)

I, like any crafty artistic person, have scraps and pieces of remains of many projects and what not. For me it is mostly yarn and parts of deconstructed recycled sweaters (more about this soon)... 
What is needed - a large enough crocheting hook and the leftover yarn of any possible color, texture and fiber content.  

I personally like to crochet these awesome baskets through both yarns of the top of the previous row (those who crochet will know what I'm talking about), because it eliminates the lines around the piece. 
Start off by making a chain of 4 stitches, make a circle, through the middle of it crochet 6-8, depending on the thickness of the yarn, stitches of the second row. Now in 3rd row crochet 2 stitches in every stitch of the previous row. 4th row - repeat what you did in the 3rd row. Starting row 5 you can start minimize the bottom of the future basket by making additions in only every other stitch. In this manner, going in circle, determine yourself from here on, how wide you want your basket to be, and depending on that, calculate how many stitches to add. As soon as you've reached the desired size of the bottom of the basket, start plainly crochet in circles, until it is as tall as you like. You can narrow the top of it a little by skipping some stitches. Also, I noticed, that when I fill my baskets with stuff, it becomes shorter and wider, if packed.. so, maybe make it a little taller than the desired height of the finished piece. 

How brilliant such storage is, huh? ;) Just ply away those multiple strands of yarn - 4-6 of DK weight, 3-4 of chunky weight should do the trick for the baskets to keep their shape nicely. 
I made one for all my stationary - nice and colorful; another one for loose change, quarters, mainly; and there's two more that keep my bathroom necessities and beauty products together.
Much ❤ from ever so modest Vanya of Earthia.