Jan 30, 2011

Style notes

Fashion.. I used to think I loved fashion, but what is it really? 
Fashion is a mere "currently popular style". That is. Meaning, the style, that is adopted by the masses. 
That's cool, - it gives a nice sense of belonging to a particular group, feeling of comfort comes along, we really get into it - mini, maxi, patterns, textures, colors... we, the masses, pick what to wear. Fashion changes constantly - boho-hippie today, art-deco tomorrow... are you a hippie, or do you play one? ;) There's no fashion committee in existence, which would tell us what to wear each season. There's no fashion conference, no debates on some higher level of a non-existing fashion government. 
We ourselves choose to follow a certain look that appeals to us, our lifestyle etc. It is just a commercial derivative, really. The idea of following this trend (another term, eh? believe me, I've taken tests that had questions about all of these definitions, while studying at FIT) or another comes from the need to, for the lack of a better word, classifying of oneself, I believe. Voluntarily enslavement.  Ah, I'm getting bored already! 
But... I have a great appreciation for style. 
Style means living. Style means being satisfied with yourself, it means full acceptance of your own personality with all its delightful quirks. Style is freedom. 
Style is being yourself, style is goooood, style is beauty, style is kindness, if you will!
Now, please, recycle those shiny vogues and listen to yourself. 
You are naturally beautiful! ;)

p.s. a huge perk of a consistent personal style over being fashionable: you don't have to spend any money! ;)

♡ to all 

Good night.