Jan 31, 2011

It's alive, it's alive!!! ;)

And the scarf is finished! Only final touches left - weave in the ends of both colors of the yarn on the stripes and take the photo "in action" ;))) I decided to add a little softness, I thought that it may be a little too blocky, like, say, a checkered pattern can be, if done in magnified manner. So, I added some crochet details on both ends, and miraculously the whole scarf looks much more gentle and feminine, such a small detail... ;) 
I think I know why I love the stripe so much. It's a kind of manifestation of life itself in its brighter and darker times... ;) Love life!

p.s. Love pot cheese with flax seed oil, black pepper and sea salt as a filling snack! 
Gotta receive that protein somehow ;)