Jan 27, 2011

Snowing in!

I was at first going to see the beauty of the ocean surrounded by snow, here at Brighton beach, but decided to stay in instead with the subway not running well. All I wanna do today is blog, knit and sew, and surf the internet for inspiration. I do need though to feel the application for a Burning Man ticket and mail it, but the Post Offices seem to be closed... Ah! just had a sun ray hit through my window! ;)))
I find, that writing is a great great tool to lighten up ;) Even in this tiny bit i can feel like fresh energy enters me. 
Here my girls at the beach, minus the one foot of snow that has fallen since. 



Masha - кувыркаша! 

Wishing them a joyous shenanigans in the snow!!! ;)

Yesterday I was going coming back from the weekend in Philadelphia, when the snow storm started - it felt great, by the way - no one on the streets, so quiet and peaceful. Here I'm wearing a ski goggles!!! 
Fashionably prepared to concur the blizzard! 
and that's the new hat I made while in Philly!

first steps!