Jan 20, 2012

Costumes make me happy!

I've been lacking inspiration lately, being very critical of my ideas, my skills, my ways ;) <--- rather normal! hehehe ;) But it was a good day Thursday yesterday, that I saw a recomendation for a good fairytale movie with great costumes, through a blog of lovely Aaauumm. The movie is called The Secret of Moonacre and wow, did the designers impress me! All of the garb had a beautiful quirky twist - perfect! The movie itself is rather good too - not too sweet, and relevant to any age - the main issue of the movie is, actually, dealing with pride (love that idea).  
Check out the screenshots found on this blog (thank you, Aranel)...
Costumes are designed by Beatrix Aruna Pasztor. 

 see all the beautiful shots of the costumes below: