Jan 24, 2012

Intrepid Traveler

Loving to work with all of the nice garments, giving them another life and chance to serve as beautiful garb to someone ;)
Next project... 
Upcycled Unicorn Vest and Nomad Wrap Skirt
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 The Nomad wrap skirt is made of two kinds fabrics - thin virgin wool and wool/silk blend with black shiny metallic thread, which adds perfect sparkle, minimal.. more like a glow ;) It has curly edges all over and longest ties to go once or twice around the waist or hips - depends on who wears it. Also, the skirt will fit most sizes from XS, like myself, to a Large (perhaps, there would be a nice sexy slit). 
I personally love wrap skirts for more than one reason, i've mentioned them before, when i made some last winter. Garment like this will keep you warm and comfortable, it can be worn on top of any other bottom - leggins, pants, jeans, other skirts etc. - perfect piece of clothing for me ;) 
Working with wovens - yay!
Upcycled skirt, it used to be a full-length bias-cut skirt. Well, it still is, except, I added a few ruffles on the bottom of it. With layered Nomad wrap skirt, these two work magic, me thinks ;) So warm and feminine.. i wish my ihpone took better pictures lol  
Unicorn Vest is made of many pieces of soft knits, it hugs the body, wrapping it in color and warmth! ;)
I added a couple of pearls here and there, there's a piece of turquoise on the back, and a aurora borealis large bead in the front.