Jan 9, 2012

My Room Studio

I had a little moving around the room, so i can work comfortably... 
Here's the tiny setup:
 The right side of the room studio ;)
Left window
Beads, accessories, necklaces, bracelets, ribbons, etc. hanging on the fixture i found at a hardware store and attached to the wall. 

Left window ;)

 The left side of the table has the sewing machine and all the things i need for creating ;) 
 The right side of the room studio. Mannequin, a gift from Katusha & Serega - aaaah can't be more perfect, i just need to give her a name, it's about time!  My lovely serger, all ready to go! 
 Rugs on the floor should look familiar to you, if you have been to Earthia blog before - one is made out of unused t-shirts, cut up into yarn, and crocheted together. The round one is made out of loose balls of random leftover yarn - it's so thick and comfy! I hang out on it reading, stretching, watching movies...oh, and working!
 The meditation pillows, currently utilized as a "chair" for when i'm at the computer. These were made out of beautiful curtains my mommy got somewhere, and i filled them all with cut off bits and pieces from the woolen sweaters i use to make my designs - soft and firm at the same time ;)
 Water bottle holder/carrier - available in custom colors upon request, crocheted by me - I dragged this thing around all over the places i went - handy! the bottle is not slippery, the handle can be used as a shoulder strap, across the chest, or tied a little for a shorter variation to carry in your hand ;) 
part of my shining with sparkle altar - btw Tara incense is one of my favorites - smells of campfire so much ;) The white thing is actually a piece of a broken coral...