Jan 9, 2012

Summer moved on...

Over months of going around places, Earthia has, certainly, evolved. 
I've been to BM twice over the past 3 years, and each time i made my own outfits, which i happily wear sometimes during the year as well - parties, gatherings and what not. 
Expect to see the BM appropriate garb made by Earthia soon ;) 
Here are some pictures from last year's Rites of Passage... Glorka, my dear friend, hosted "Your Favorite Dusty Tea Room" on the playa, near the Man, which was a huge success with the burners! Yay!!!! 

Glorka is exploring... 

Tea Drinkers chilling... 

Cooking up dinner on Sunday, who wants to leave?!

Psytrancers unite, as usual, in all parts of the planet haha ;)))