Jan 12, 2012

EARTHIA: Dusty Nation

Mine are still dusty, are yours?! ;) These are the various parts of outfits for my Burning Man escapade last year, short enough to move around fast, if desired, ragged and weathered enough to roll on the playa, and they're all pretty damn gorgeous! ;) I loved dusty blues, cream and white, black... gray.. beige ;) and some sparkle! 

this is my own bustle skirt, yes it still got playa dust all over hahaha ;)
this piece i wore ALL the time! beautiful + comfortable; can be worn on top of bare skin, or any bottom of your choice, even at night when it's cold. makes your bosom look more plump, and totally draws attention to the whole back.. ;)
 Layared silks, lace and gorgeous blue velvet...
lucky me, the polka-dots on the cream silk layer glow in the blacklight!!!!! score!!! ;)
 .. all attached to a belt, all made by hands, no sewing machine...
dusty rose ;) hand made of satin ribbon.. took me an hour or so just to make the rose.. ;)

to be continued tomorrow...