Jan 7, 2012

To Bead or not to Bead? That's not a question! ;)

Before I started to dread my full head, I loved decorating the few dreads that i already had, wrapping them with colorful yarn, putting in feathers, crystal beads, cords and ribbons, and braiding in little pretty ribbons into loose hair as well. I have been approached by girls and even guys, admiring the style, more than once. So... 
I found this video (via http://www.dreadlockssite.com/forum/topics/how-to-wrap-a-dread) of a girl, showing and explaining how to decorate your locks.. I can tell you, that you don't have to have dreadlocks to decorate your hair, you can wrap sections of your hair with whatever suits your style - strips of leather, cords with beads or anything dangling on the ends, etc. or/and make one or more braids of various sizes, and play with that.. - it's really fun! ;)
So here's the video of this beautiful creature, who took time to record it for us, she's really sweet! ;)
Thank you ;)