Feb 28, 2012

Drink, Nomad, drink!

Made by Earthia
Water Bottle Sack "Nomad" 

:::0.6-0.75L(25oz):::this is the most common size, to my notice
:::0.3L(8-10oz) <---*Kid's size*

The sack will fit most of the reusable bottles produced, as the nature of this case is crochet, so the mesh is expandable in both directions - height and width. Tall Thermos will fit, and various other containers for liquids, glass, plastic, aluminum - check sizing. 
The bottom is well defined and has a woven in hole on the bottom - to make the bottle stand firmly on all surfaces. The bottle has to be pushed through upon first use, as the sack is made tight on purpose - snag fitting case for your favorite water bottle! 
I mostly use Wool/Acrylic blend for crocheting, so the sack will last years. I make the yarn thick and chunky, two and more plies, so the stitches are beautifully defined - eye candy!
I love color blocking, it makes me feel good to play here ;)))
Earthy colors, bright colors - they're all asking to be here!!
Colors vary individually:::hope you find the perfect match for you!:::
More pictures will be posted tomorrow, with pricing and purchasing details.