Feb 25, 2012

Sunny Side Out

Sunny day, sunny soul! ;) Seriously, you know you store the sun inside, when it's cloudy, don't you? ;) 
Today i want to share pictures of beautiful people and their dreadlocks. 
As my growing naturally dreadlocks are becoming more loopy and crazy, and fat, I'm on the lookout for curious styles to experiment with and have fun! Although, i must add, they are becoming shorter and shorter ;))) 
Strangely, i wish they never become smooth and even, some craziness and messiness would be so awesome, at all times ;)
Did I mention, that I am making a whole line of accessories dedicated to adorn locks? 
Dreaded hair, or not - it is for us to play with, well, or the wind ;))))
The best care I could take of my hair is growing dreadlocks for sure!