Feb 23, 2012

Party In My Pocket

I love sharing what other fellow designers do, thus, let me introduce you a glove brand called P.I.M.P. (for Party In My Pocket), producing the most amazing gloves! They work with leather, spandex, wool and other stretchy fabrics. Funky!
The gloves themselves are very snug fitting, beautifully collaged of two and more materials at a time, and have a fantastic zipper to hold the glove fitted nicely! 
Warm, super-stylish and so multi-functional! 
How awesome ;) 
I especially love these far out Lobster Gloves! They look so cozy and warm and thickly comfy...
Love these flowery - perfect for Spring!

 Knit fabric in this pair is upcycled army surplus wrist warmers, vintage! So cool ;) 
Etsy Shop and Facebook Page to check other styles, keep up to date with what's new, and to get a pair or two! ;)