Feb 2, 2012

Yarn Picking!

I'm running out of the coolest most favorite yarn of mine - Landscapes "Autumn Trails", and there's no place to get more of it - Lion Brand discontinued the line of this fabulous multi-colored yarn in the perfect wool/acrylic blend. 
What a girl to do? Find something better!!! ;) 
Right now, among others, i'm looking at Noro Bonbori yarn from Japan - oh, my!
The colors are absolutely gorgeous!!! 
I'm loving all the qualities described: it's bulky, it's a blend, with over 90 percent wool in it, and some nylon - strength + vibrant colors; 88 yards per 50 grams is chunky enough for my purposes; hand wash-dry flat care ;) what not to love?
Check it out: 

Other yarns i'm looking at are...:

Can't wait to get my creative paws on these!!!