Feb 10, 2012

Hair and What Not

I've been watching fairytales and historical movies set in time centuries ago, when women braided their long hair and adorned their heads with fabrics and other materials in most beautiful ways. 
I really love the idea, that hair can be styled in so many variations using accessories - be it silk cords, shells, laced with flowers, ribbons, beads and pearls.
I love this type of twisted braid, it's very simple, but powerful; you can braid your hair or dreadlocks:

~Gather all your hair/dreads into a low ponytail with a rubber band, and then separate it into three equal parts (right, left and center).
~At this point, if you wish to embellish your twist braid, you can tie around the base of the ponytail a ribbon, or a cord; it can be assigned to two opposite sides of the divided hair.~Take the right part and twist it as tight as you feel will work for you, counter-clockwise, fix or hold it, while working on the rest of the hair.
~Central and left parts should be done in the same manner as we did with the right side.

~Hold all three twisted parts in your hands. 

~Place the left part over the other two.
~Now the center part has became left, place it over the other two.
~Now the right part has became the left, place it over the other two twists ;)
~Continue until the end in such way.

~If you're using a ribbon, work it together with the previously assigned hair parts.
~Secure the ends together with anything you like - a rubber band, maybe, or, if you inlaced some sort of rope in this twisted braid, now, depending on how long it is, you may have longer ends, - tie them around too.

Pretty pretty, right? ;p ;)
See more of the styles and how to braid here, the website is in russian, use google translator, if needed, but how-to pictures are clear.