Feb 21, 2012

Wall Up!

One more post on the wallpapers, since I'm customizing my desktop.
I have an all-time favorite graphic artist and GUI designer, who also makes desktop pictures and icons, so you can have a customized environment on your desktop - important to me, i like everything unique and weird ;))) 
His name is David Lanham
New shroomy desktop! 
Called "Entropy". Check out that blue butterfly on the left! ♡ There's the iPad and iPhone sized included in the download package.
Check out his work on Steampunk icons - so smooth and detailed and realistic... Love that! ;)
Wallpapers/Desktop Pictures are easy to install. But I don't know if icons will work for Windows, I use an application called CandyBar to change default Mac OS X icons to what I like.
Theres' so much more on David's website - take a look around, if you will ;)